5th Grade Lessons

The following lessons are included in the 5th grade curriculum. 

Each lesson supports the Utah State office of Education (USOE) Health core objectives, Character Education traits and Risk/Protective Factors.

To obtain a copy of the curriculum, contact your local Safe and Drug Free Schools or Prevention Specialist.

Lesson Titles

  1. Positive and Negative Influences
  2. Positive Self-Talk
  3. I Am Lovable and Capable
  4. Positive Time Management
  5. Acts and Consequences
  6. Coping With Family Stress
  7. Becoming a Bodyguard

Get Real About Tobacco Lessons

  1. Changing Attitudes
  2. What Tobacco Does
  3. Messages about Tobacco
  4. Countering the Messages
  5. Don’t Even Try It
  6. The Refusal Skill for Self-Control™
  7. The Refusal Skill™, Day One
  8. The Refusal Skill™, Day Two
  9. Strategies to Help Others
  10. Transfer
  11. Follow-Up Lessons

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