2013 Utah Institute on Special Education Law

August 7, 2013 Preconference

Special Education Finance

August 8-9, 2013 Handouts


Julie Weatherly

Keynote: What's Happening in Special Education Law? The Year in Review

Child-Find and Response to Intervention (RTI)

Post-Secondary Transition

What IEP Teams Need to Consider when Making Placement Determinations

John Jesse and Paul Ashby

Plenary: SAGE Assessment - Overview of New Assessment

Carol Anderson

Clarification of the Parental Consent Requirements Related to Functional Behavior Assessments

Lisa Arbogast

Online Education - Living in a World of Educational Choice

Paul Ashby, Glenna Gallo, Christine Timothy, and Kim Fratto

Dynamic Learning Maps and the Essential Elements

Robyn Chidester

Utah Parent Center (UPC)

UPC Current Activities

UPDC Workshop Descriptions

Disability Resources in Utah

Lillian Duran

Dual Language Learners in Early Childhood presentation

The Stages of Second Language Acquisition

Questionnnaire for the Family Home Language and Education     English     Spanish

Kim Fratto and Connie Nink

Precision-Driven PLAAFPs That Link to the Utah Core Standards

Elena Gallegos

Dealing with Dangerous Students

Making a Good Record of Your IEP Meeting

Playing Fair: The Legal Consequences when Parents and Schools Misbehave

Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs): When? What? How?

Glenna Gallo

Time for Change: Examining Utah Data Relating to Student Performance

Susan Loving

Extended School Year (ESY): Rules, Guidelines, and Suggested Practices

What's an "HQ Transition Plan" and Where Can I Find One?

Peggy Milligan

Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship Program (CSS) - A Parent Choice Initiative

Michelle Murphy

Do's and Don'ts for IEP Teams

Principles of Family/Professional Collaboration

Strategies Which Promote Parent/Professional Partnerships in Schools

What Parents Need...and What Works!

Tiffanie Owens

Utah's Dispute Resolution Process

Dave Richards

Discipline of Students with Disabilities and IAES

Section 504 Update

Meeting the Needs of Students with Physical Impairments under Section 504

Disability Harassment: Legal Update and Practical Thoughts

FERPA Update

Catherine Sparks

The Value of School Nurse Collaboration

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Core Facts

Jocelyn Taylor

Parent Survey Results: Building a Culture of Collaboration

Parent Survey Template

Leah Voorhies

LRE and the Continuum of Placements: Making good IEP Team decisions and turning them into good SCRAM data