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School Counselors

Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance can connect to Dropout Prevention through the new CCGP Data Projects. The supporting documents for the CCGP Data Projects highlight the work of the Education Trust and the National Office for School Counselor Advocacy. The Ed Trust document Poised to Lead: How School Counselors Can Drive College and Career Readiness.

Notes five critical steps to support school counselors as leaders in college and career readiness and the associated aspect of dropout prevention:

  1. Rework school counselors’ job descriptions to focus more on tasks that will result in college and career readiness for all.
  2. Refocus school counselor education programs so that school counselors are trained in educational equity and college and career readiness.
  3. Add more school-specific training and coursework on data usage to university school counseling programs.
  4. Support working school counselors and principals through strong, embedded professional development to help develop effective college-and career-readiness programs.
  5. Align school counselor evaluations to academic outcomes, including appropriate measures of college and career readiness.

School counselors can implement many of the interventions highlighted in the document Dropout Prevention in Utah: Strategies and Resources as data projects.

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