Legislative Materials

November 2016

School Turnaround and Leadership Development Act

Teacher Leaders

October 2016

Civic and Character Education Report

Meeting the Needs of Utah's Secondary Students in Career and Technical Education (CTE): Report of Fiscal Year (FY) 2016

Student Leadership Skills Evaluation Report

November 2014

CTE Secondary Education Legislative Report November 2014

Early Intervention Program Report 2014

Impact of Class Size Reduction Money Report 2014 - Summaries and Details

Online School Survey Report 2014

Smart School Technology Program Timeline November 2014

Suicide Prevention and Programs for Youth Protection Report 2014

October 2014

2nd Annual SMART Evaluation

Civic and Character Education Report

K-3 Reading Improvement Summary

September 2014

Intergenerational Poverty Interventions in Public Schools 2014

Peer Assistance and Review Pilot Program 2014

Progress of English Learners in Utah 2014

UPSTART Report 2014

May 2014

Content Area Timeline May 2014

February 2014

Pupil Transportation Presentation

USBE Funding Requests 2014 Report

Addendum to November 2013 CTE Secondary Ed Report

January 2014

IT Academy Report 2014

Cost-Benefit Reports FY 2013

December 2013

NAEP Math Scores Report 2013

NAEP Reading Scores Report 2013

November 2013

Perkins Information 2013

State Board 2014 Funding Priorities

Class Size Reduction Report 2013

CTE Secondary Education Report 2013

Early Intervention Computer Software Report 2013

Financial Literacy Task Force Report November 2013

Pilot Online School Survey 2013

Reading Program Expenditures Report 2013

Charter Schools Implementation of House Bill 344 Report 2013

Competency Based Education Funding Report 2013

Cost Differentials for Inmate Education Report 2013

Diagnostic Assessment for Reading Report 2013 (Wireless Generation)

K-3 Reading Improvement Report 2013

Minimum School Program Performance Measures 2013

Performance Measures for Education Agency Budgets

Statewide Online Education Program Report 2013

USDB Transportation Cost Analysis 2013

October 2013

Child Nutrition Programs

2013 Parent Seminar on Youth Protection Report

2013 Smart School Technology Report

2013 Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind Annual Report

September 2013

2013 Accelerated Students Legislative Report

2013 Civic and Character Education Legislative Report

2013 Peer Assistance and Review Pilot Program Legislative Report

UPSTART Annual Report on Year 4

UPSTART External Evaluation on Year 3

August 2013

2013 BTSALP Legislative Performance Measure

2013 Critical Language Dual Immersion Legislative Report

MSP Performance Measures 2013 Accelerated Students

Professional Development Presentation

Investing in High Quality Professional Learning

May 2013

2013 Public Education Legislative Summary

2013 School Trust Lands Legislative Report

2013 Utah Board of Education Legislative RFPs and Grants