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Test-Taker Resources - Registration, Fees, and Retesting Information

A. Registration and Scheduling

Registering and Scheduling to Take the GED® Computer-Based Test (CBT)

  • Test-takers must register online and click Register Today.
  • The online registration process includes entering personal demographic information, selecting a testing center, selecting test modules, selecting test dates and times and paying the testing fee. If you are 16-18-years-old, you must complete and submit K-12 Education Withdrawal and GED® Testing Registration Application Form and contact a Utah Adult Education program to release your registration record. The registration process cannot be continued until this step is completed. See the Eligibility page for complete requirements.  
  • A current government issued photo ID is required for test taking.

Rescheduling or Canceling a Testing Appointment

  • Test-takers must reschedule and cancel their GED® test appointment at least 48 hours before the appointment time via the test-taker website, Pearson-Vue Call Center or the Pearson-Vue Testing Center (PVTC). Appointments must be rescheduled within the authorized delivery period.
  • No additional fee will be charged to the test-taker for rescheduling or canceling if rescheduling or canceling is done 48 hours before the appointment time.
  • Test-takers cannot reschedule an appointment inside of this 48-hour notice time.
  • Test-takers that do not report to their scheduled appointment time are considered no-shows and forfeit their test fees.
  • Test-takers that cancel an appointment at least 48 hours prior to their appointment time and do not wish to reschedule will receive 100 percent of the test fee refunded.
  • Test-takers that arrive more than 15 minutes late may lose their ability to take the GED® test at the scheduled time and may forfeit their test fee.
  • All registrations with accommodations must be rescheduled or canceled through the GED® Testing Service accommodations coordinator.

B. ID Requirements

A current government issued picture (legible picture) ID is required for admission to a GED® Testing Center. Allowable forms of ID include:

Forms of ID not acceptable include:

  • Library Cards
  • High School ID Card
  • College/University ID Card

C. Fees to Take the GED® Test

  • The cost to take the GED® Test – entire battery – is $120.00.
  • Retesting fee for any test module: $10.00 per module.

D. Actions that May Compromise your GED® Tests in the State of Utah

  1. Cheating

    All devices used for cheating are to be confiscated from the test-taker and are not to be returned to the test-taker until the examiner has consulted with the State GED® Testing Administrator and, if necessary, the USOE attorney. There is not a time line for returning devices as they will be held as evidence in any legal case that may be pursued.

    The Proctor of the Pearson Vue Testing Center, where the infraction, occurred must notify the State GED® Testing Administrator on the day of the infraction.

    Test-takers caught cheating will be barred by the State GED® Testing Administrator from testing at any Pearson Vue Testing Center for a period of at least three months from date of the infraction.

    Test-takers caught cheating must seek permission of the Lead Proctor of the Pearson Vue Testing Center that they are seeking to access before rescheduling any test module.
  2. Behavior - Verbal and/or Physical

    In the case of disruptive verbal and/or physical abuse, the test-taker may be asked to leave the testing session.

    A decision and directions regarding the test-taker’s ability to access a testing center and continue testing will be conveyed by the State GED® Testing Administrator to the Lead Proctor at the testing center where the incident occurred.

    Notification will be provided to all testing centers by the State GED® Testing Administrator if the situation is such that the test-taker is not allowed to continue testing for an extended period of time.

    Any cheating or behavioral infraction will be reported to Pearson Vue following Pearson Vue’s Testing standards. Consequences for infractions may include sanctions by GED Testing Services, Pearson Vue or the Utah State GED Administrator.

E. GED® Testing Accommodations

GED® Test test-takers are encouraged to seek appropriate accommodations. Accommodations may be provided based on diagnoses of learning disabilities, physical, emotional or other disabilities. Visit GED Testing Services Accommodations for further information and forms. Processing accommodations requests take time. Plan accordingly to avoid testing delays.

F. Unusual Testing Situations

  1. Persons requiring higher GED® Test scores for admission to a specific post-secondary institution may retake the GED® Test.
  2. Persons from foreign countries requiring proof of academic skills or competency for employment, post-secondary of military entrance purposes, etc., but have insufficient or unaccepted proof of such from the country of origin, may take the GED® Test.
  3. Persons, whose permanent high school records have been lost or destroyed as the result of a school closure or a disaster such as war, fire, flood, earthquake, tornado, or hurricane, should contact the GED® Testing State Administrator for further direction.