Test-Taker Resources - Test Taking Tips

General Test Taking Tips

  • Remember to keep track of time.
  • Leave more difficult questions for last.
  • Guess if you can. There are no penalties for wrong answers.
  • Answer the test questions based on the information stated in the passage rather than from outside knowledge.
  • Pay attention to whether the question refers to a specific line, sentence or quotation from the reading passage.
  • Be cautious of words such as: ‘never, always, wholly, and forever’ in the answer choices. Usually such categorical words are incorrect.
  • Be cautious of the “too easy” answer, especially if the question seems to follow word-for-word the reference in the text. The wording in the question may change slightly, so that it is different from the test. This could be a test for alertness and attention to detail.
  • Choose the ‘appropriate’ answer to the question. Often more than one answer seems correct.

Reading Comprehension Tips

  • Scan the passage quickly to get the main idea.
  • Read the questions quickly to get an idea of the required information.
  • Read the passage slowly, carefully, and critically paying attention to leading phrases and ideas.