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MESA Students Descend on the Granite Technical Institute - March 14, 2011

The Granite Technical Institute (GTI) hosted 211 high school and 645 junior high MESA club members for a series of MESA Days at the GTI during the 2011 school year. At the 3D Animation Lab the students met an 11th grader who told them, “The reason I am in this program is because of my visit to the GTI last year. This is a really cool program. I didn’t know anything about this until my MESA visit.”

The GTI features two former MESA Advisors of the Year, who took MESA teams to the National MESA contests, Jelena Jensen (Balsawood Glider) and Jonathon Tuttle (Mouse Trap Car), as key instructors. The GTI programs range from aviation and engineering to bio manufacturing. The club members participated in hands on activities such as building wind energy machines in the Engineering lab, creating 3 D animation in the Computer Animation lab , making cosmetics in the Bioman Wet labs, collecting samples of their individual DNA in the Biotech lab, flying the aircraft simulator in the Aviation lab and in addition the high school students were treated to a traveling exhibit from “The Leonardo”, a science, technology and art center for young people and adults located at the former Salt Lake City Library. Several students were heard commenting, “…that this was a fun day. I know what I want to do for my future.”

Jr. High Day at the Granite Technical Institute (GTI) - February 11, 2011

The GTI hosted 197 junior high students from 6 MESA clubs to learn about the academies offered at the GTI. From aviation, to bio-technology, to computer animation the students all received hands on activities such as creating a vial of their own DNA, to building a wooden bridge that could withstand a load bearing weight machine until breaking and building a wind mill that could produce electric energy. Some students were able to experience the aviation simulator housed in the Aviation Academy. This was the third date for the Junior Highs, 650 junior high students in 15 MESA Clubs and 175 students in 8 high school MESA Clubs have toured the GTI this year.