About Us

MESA is the pre-college component of the MESA/STEP Consortium, a nonprofit organization comprised of higher education institutions, businesses/industries, public school districts, government agencies, and community organizations. The program acts as a pipeline with pre-college and college components. STEP (Science Technology, Engineering Program) is the college component.

MESA is a statewide public education program that works with targeted students in grades 7-12 who are interested and have the potential to succeed in math, science and technology-related studies.

MESA is administrated by participating Utah School Districts; led by the State Office of Education, which provides funds to participating school districts and charter schools. Each district develops an individual program that is focused on students’ academic needs and has an explicit tie to the school day. This tie could be MESA classes, study periods, involvement of qualified mathematics and science teachers in after-school activities, etc. The program includes academic counseling, tutoring, and motivational activities, as well as frequent interaction with ethnic minority, female, and technology career role models.

Services and activities for MESA students are targeted for those who need academic support and those who currently achieve at high levels and need additional opportunities. A School MESA Team comprised of school and community members with appropriate interest and qualifications carry out services and activities. The School MESA Team selects teaching strategies and activities designed to meet the specific needs of targeted students. The School MESA Team includes science, mathematics, and English teachers as well as counselors, parents, community members, and industry volunteers.


Utah MESA is a member of MESA USA, a partnership of MESA programs from several states. The programs are based on a common academic enrichment model to support students so they excel in math and science. MESA USA serves as an arena for the programs to share best practices to continually refine and improve the MESA model. The organization also seeks to establish new programs to reach more students who need MESA’s services.

Utah MESA’s Academic Enrichment Model includes:

  • Academic and Career Advising
    MESA’s advisors encourage and track students taking required courses in math, science, engineering, and related technology to facilitate their entry into college.
  • Field Trips
    Advisors encourage attendance at recommended field trips and outside program activities for MESA student members.
  • Financial Aid Information
    STEP Directors and other member college/university personnel in appropriate departments provide options for MESA students to seek and acquire funds to assist in their goals of finishing college in math/science and related areas of study.
  • Seminars/Workshops/Internships
    These activities for MESA students are provided by participating university personnel and members of the MESA/STEP Industry Advisory Council.