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Contact Us

Title I

Ann White
Special and Federal Programs
Phone: (801) 538-7509 | ann [dot] white[at]schools [dot] utah [dot] gov(E-mail)

Sarah Moore
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (801) 538-7756 | sarah [dot] moore [at] schools [dot] utah [dot] gov(E-mail)

Ann White
Title I School and District Improvement
Phone: (801) 538-7827 | ann [dot] white [at] schools [dot] utah [dot] gov(E-mail)

Rebecca Donaldson
Education Specialist
Title I School and District Improvement
Phone: (801) 538-7869 | rebecca [dot] donaldson [at] schools [dot] utah [dot] gov(E-mail)

Becky Peters
Administrative Assistant
to Ann White
Phone: (801) 538-7712 | becky [dot] peters [at] schools [dot] utah [dot] gov(E-mail)

Kreig Kelley
Education Specialist
Title I Monitoring
Phone: (801) 538-7975 | kreig [dot] kelley [at] schools [dot] utah [dot] gov(E-mail)

Sandra Grant
Education Specialist
Title I Fiscal Reporting
Phone: (801) 538-7844 | sandra [dot] grant [at] schools [dot] utah [dot] gov(E-mail)

Max Lang
Education Specialist
Migrant Education and School Improvement
Phone: (801) 538-7725 | max [dot] lang [at] schools [dot] utah [dot] gov(E-mail)

Lisa Wisham
Education Specialist
21st Century Community Learning Centers
Phone: (801) 538-7825 | lisa [dot] wisham [at] schools [dot] utah [dot] gov(E-mail)

Renee Medina
Title I Administrative Assistant
Phone: (801) 538-7704 | renee [dot] medina [at] schools [dot] utah [dot] gov(E-mail)

Samuel Paredes
Financial Analyst
Phone: (801) 538-7606 | samuel [dot] paredes [at] schools [dot] utah [dot] gov(E-mail)

Kellie Smith
Title I Administrative Assistant
Phone: (801) 538-7744 | kellie [dot] smith [at] schools [dot] utah [dot] gov(E-mail)


Title III

Jose Enriquez
Title III and Special Programs
Phone: (801) 538-7733 | jose [dot] enriquez [at] schools [dot] utah [dot] gov(E-mail)

Jacquelyn Perkins
Administrative Assistant
to Jose Enriquez
Phone: (801) 538-7977 | jacquelyn [dot] perkins [at] schools [dot] utah [dot] gov(E-mail)

Harold (Chuck) Foster
Education Specialist
American Indian Education
Phone: (801) 538-7838 | harold [dot] foster [at] schools [dot] utah [dot] gov(E-mail)

Jeff Ojeda
Education Specialist
ELL, ELL Family Literacy Centers, SIOP
Phone: (801) 538-7945 | jeffrey [dot] ojeda[at]schools [dot] utah [dot] gov(E-mail)

Rita Brock
Education Specialist
ELL, MESA, and At-Risk Students
Phone: (801) 538-7761 | rita [dot] brock[at]schools [dot] utah [dot] gov(E-mail)

Jennifer Roundy
Title III Administrative Assistant
Phone: (801) 538-7803 | Jennifer [dot] Roundy[at]schools [dot] utah [dot] gov(E-mail)