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Services for Neglected or Delinquent Children and Youth


Title I Part D is part of the NCLB Title I 2001 authorization. Title I Part D has two Subparts:

Subpart 1
Provides allocations for State Agency programs designed to serve the needs of students residing in state funded facilities for neglected or delinquent children and youth.

Subpart 2
Provides allocations to districts/LEAs having local facilities for neglected or delinquent children or youth within district boundaries. Districts may use the funding to supplement state and local resources to contract an educational program provided at the facility or to provide student services with district programs.

These programs are supported in recognition that:

  • A large percent of youth in the juvenile justice system have poor academic achievement and often drop out of school;
  • There is a strong correlation between academic failure and involvement in delinquent activities; and
  • The educational needs of at-risk youth in schools must be addressed in order to help reduce the dropout rate and involvement in delinquent activities.


To improve educational services to children in local institutions for neglected or delinquent youth so that such children and youth have the opportunity to meet the same challenging State content standards and challenging State student performance standards that all children in the State will be expected to meet;

To provide such children and youth the services needed to make a successful transition from institutionalization to further schooling or employment; and (That ensure students returning from facilities for neglected or delinquent students successfully transition into district programs, )

To prevent at-risk youth from dropping out of school; and

To provide dropouts and youth returning from institutions with a support system to ensure their continued education. (To prevent students from engaging in activities that will result in students becoming involved with the juvenile justice system)

Programs will:

  • Carry out high-quality education programs ensuring students have opportunities to:
  • Complete high school,
  • earn a GED,
  • Continue to post secondary education or training programs
  • Successfully transition to district educational programs

Program Assurances

All programs serving N&D youth are coordinated through Local Education Agencies (school districts or charter schools).

Neglected, delinquent or at-risk students will have access to core curriculum courses specified in Utah law for which CRT testing is required, and, as needed, will have access to Basic Skills Education Programs (BSEP) created to provide students who have not passed the Utah Basic Skills Competency Tests supplemental instruction in the skills and knowledge necessary to pass the tests.

Neglected, delinquent or at-risk students will improve academic, vocational and technical skills needed to further their education or obtain employment.

Programs will improve the ability of neglected, delinquent or at-risk students to make the transition from the facility/program to their community and society at large.

Programs will report outcome data and statistics required by the federal government and included on the 'Title I Part D: YIC - Neglected and Delinquent Youth Accountability Report - Part A'.