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Alternatives to School Bus Transportation

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
Contains information on bicycling, walking and Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes National Center for Safe Routes to School

Student Neighborhood Access Program (SNAP)

Walking School Bus

Statutory Authority for School Bus Transportation

Pupil Transportation is under authority of Title 41 of the Utah Code (Department of Transportation). This statute, at §41-6-115, states “...The Department of Transportation by and with the advice of the State Board of Education and the Department of Public Safety shall adopt and enforce regulations not inconsistent with this chapter to govern the design and operation of all school buses when owned and operated by any school district or privately owned and operated under contract with any school district, or privately owned for use by a private school in this state, and such regulations shall by reference be made a part of any such contract with a school district or private school. Every school district, or private school, its officers and employees, and every person employed under contract by a school district shall be subject to said regulations."Regulations contained herein are applicable to public schools and all operations under the jurisdiction of the State Board of Education. For standards or regulations applicable to private schools, refer to the Utah Code or regulations adopted by the Department of Transportation through Utah's Rule Making Act and published as a separate document.

Student Transportation Standards and Procedures

Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations

Utah School Buses and Operations Standards

2010 Standards

2010 Standards Appendix

National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures