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Pupil Transportation

Why School Bus Transportation?

The state's fleet of 2,400 Yellow School Buses provides safe and environmentally friendly transportation to 175,000 children every day.

Studies conducted by the American School Bus Council indicate:

  1. Over $40 million are saved annually by transporting our Utah school children on school buses.
  2. Over 11 million gallons of fuel are saved each year, with over 86,000 fewer vehicles on the road each day in Utah.
  3. With each bus replacing 36 vehicles, traffic congestion is reduced and harmful particulate matter is reduced by thousands of pounds!
  4. Nationally for every 32,500 children transported, one life is saved each year. In Utah, that is at least five lives saved each year!

Best Practices

Statutory Authority


Pupil Transportation Calendar

Due Dates

Report Due Dates

Forms (Routing and Funding)

Form A - Schedule A1 “To” and “From” School Miles and Minutes

Form A
Instruction Sheet
Route Maps Instruction Sheet
School Codes

Form B -In-Lieu of Transportation (Worksheets)

Instruction Sheet
Commercial Run Contract (Taxi, UTA)
Deadhead Bus Mileage (Payment of Auto Miles)
In-Lieu of Transportation

Form C - Annual Statistical Report (Miles)

Instruction Sheet

Form D - Annual Statistical Report (Minutes)

Instruction Sheet

Form F - Bus Inventory and Ending Odometer Report

Instruction Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Pupil Transportation FAQs


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Alternatives to School Bus Transportation

American School Bus Council

Bullying and Discrimination Video

Bus Crash Video

Driver Instruction and Certification

Drug and Alcohol Supervisor Handbook

Highlighted Supervisor Drug and Alcohol Handbook

Emergency Contact Information

Employee Drug and Alcohol Handbook

Highlighted Employee Drug and Alcohol Handbook

National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT)

Utah School Buses and Operations Standards

Utah State Office of Education (USOE)/Utah Association Pupil Transportation (UAPT) Directory

Pupil Transportation Advisory Committee Minutes

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