Codes (Laws) and Rules

Administrative Rules

R23 Rule
Administrative Services, Facilities Construction and Management

R33-6 Rule

Purchasing and General Services - Bidding

R33-15 Rule

Procurement of Design Professionals (Architects and Engineers)

R156-56 Rule

Building Inspector and Factory Built Housing Licensing Rule

R277-454 Rule
Construction Management of School Building Projects

R277-471 Rule
School Construction Oversight, Inspections, Training and Reporting

R392-200 Rule
Design, Construction, Operation, Sanitation, and Safety of Schools

R614-7 Rule
Labor Commission - Construction Standards

R616-2 Rule
Labor Commission - Boiler and Pressure Vessel Rules

R616-3 Rule
Labor Commission - Elevator Rules

R746-409 Rule
Public Service Commission - Pipeline Safety

Utah Codes (Laws)

Title 10, Chapter 9a 
Municipal Land Use, Development, and Management Act

Title 10, Chapter 9a, Section 305
Other Entities Required to Conform to Municipality's Land Use Ordinances -- Exceptions -- School Districts and Charter Schools

Title 11, Chapter 14
Local Government Bonding Act

Title 15A 
State Construction and Fire Codes Act

Title 20A, Chapter 1
Election Code - General Provisions

Title 34A, Chapter 7, Part 1, Sections 101 through 105
Utah Labor Code - Boiler and Pressure Vessel Act

Title 38, Chapter 1a, Part 2

Pre-Construction and Construction Liens - State Construction Registry

Title 53A, Chapter 3, Part 4, Section 402
Local School Boards - Powers and Duties Generally

Title 53A, Chapter 3, Part 4, Section 414
Local School Boards' and Charter School Governing Boards' Responsibility for School Buildings and Grounds When Used as Civic Centers.

Title 53A, Section 20
School Construction

Title 53A, Chapter 20, Section 104.5 
School Building Construction and Inspection Manual - Annual Construction and Inspection Conference - Verification of School Construction Inspections.

Title 53A, Chapter 22, Section 102 
New Industrial Plants in School District - Duty of School District

Title 53A, Chapter 22, Section 105
Remote Industrial Plant Requiring New School Building - Construction Permit Requirements.

Title 53A, Chapter 28 
Utah School Bond Guaranty Act

Title 76, Chapter 8, Section 14

Offenses Against the Administration of Government - Disruption of School Activities

Title 76, Chapter 10 
Offenses Against Public Health, Safety, Welfare, and Morals

Utah Constitution

Utah Constitution - Article X, Section 5

Education - State School Fund and Uniform School Fund -- Establishment and Use -- Debt Guaranty 

Utah Constitution - Article XIV, Section 4

Limit of Indebtedness of Counties, Cities, Towns and School Districts

Related Bills

House Bill - HB0111 (Fiscal Year 2014)

School Building Cost Reporting

House Bill - HB0116 (Fiscal Year 2004)

Facilities With Regional Impact

House Bill - HB0346 (Fiscal Year 2015)

School Building Cost Reporting Amendments

Senate Bill - SB0154 (Fiscal Year 2004)

School Building Legislative Task Force