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Utah State Board of Education Coalition of Minorities Advisory Committee (CMAC)

Section I: CMAC as body authorized by the Board of Education, has two major purposes:

  • Advise the Utah State Board of Education, its offices and other public and private groups concerned with the provision of educational services to ethnic minority students and
  • Independently monitor Utah's efforts to provide appropriate services, especially the activities of the Utah State Office of Education.

Through accomplishing these two purposes, CMAC becomes an effective advocacy group for the educational needs of ethnic minority students.

Section II: CMAC is involved in its advisory role at all levels of the decision-making process as decisions are formulated, in response to decisions, and in facilitation of future directions.


Section III: Establish task forces and "working committees" when needed.

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CMAC Meeting/Anti-Bullying Seminar
August 29, 2013


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