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State/Federal Policy and National Standards

Selected State EdTech Policies

21st Century Teaching and Learning
This site contains some of the highlights of our quest to strengthen public education with appropriate technology integration in the classroom and the curriculum. It’s about high quality education with relevant educational outcomes; it’s about 21st century skills.

Internet and Online Access Policy Required
State funds may not be provided to any local school board that provides access to the Internet or an online service unless the local school board adopts and enforces a policy to restrict access to Internet or online sites that contain obscene material. Amended by Chapter 301, 2002 General Session - Utah Code 53A-3-422.

Government Products and Services on Internet - Parental Access
Reasonable progress toward online access including secure access by parents and students to student grades and progress reports, email communications with teachers, parent-teacher associations, and school administrators, access to school calendars and schedules; and, teaching resources that may include teaching plans, curriculum guides, and media resources. Utah Code 46-4-503.

Purchases of Educational Technology
A school district or college of education shall comply with Title 63, Chapter 56, the Utah Procurement Code, in purchasing technology. A school district may purchase computers and contract for the repair or refurbishing of computers under the program that involves the Utah Correctional Industries without going through the bidding or competition procedures outlined in Title 63, Chapter 56, Part D, Source Selection and Contract Formation. A school district or college of education may purchase technology through cooperative purchasing contracts administered by the state Division of Purchasing or through its own established purchasing program. Utah Code 53A-1-706.

Utah Code 53A-15-101
Higher Education Courses in the Public Schools - Cooperation between Public and Higher Education

Utah Code: 53A-24-110.7
Appropriation for Assistive Technology Devices and Services

Utah Code: 53A-6-102
Legislative Findings on Teacher Quality

Utah Code: 53B-17-102
Utah Education Network

Utah Code: 53B-17-104
Responsibilities of KUED - TV, KUER - FM, and UEN related to public broadcasting and telecommunication for education

Utah Code: 53B-01a-601
Job Enhancements for Technology Training

Utah Code: 53A-02-029
In conjunction with the Engineering and Computer Science Initiative provided for in Section 53B-6-105 , there is established a Public Education Job Enhancement Program to attract, train, and retain highly qualified secondary teachers in mathematics, physics, chemistry, physical science, learning technology, and information technology.

State Policy

Utah State Board of Education Rules

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Federal Policy

NCLB: No Child Left Behind Utah or Federal

Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) Fund

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

National Standards Documents

National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)

National Staff Development Council (NSDC)

National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) for Teachers

National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) for Administrators

Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC)

Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium Standards (ISLLCS) for School Leaders