Superintendent's Annual Report

2009-2010 Summary of Statistic and Financial Data

Data and Statistics


2010 Cohort Graduation and Dropout Report

Utah State Level Public School Enrollment and Population 1976-2010 and Projected 2011-2019

Enrollment by District and Year: Fall 2000 - 2010 and Projected Fall 2011

Fall Enrollment Summary by Grade, October 2010

Fall Enrollment by School, District, Grade, Gender & Ethnicity, October 2010

Fall Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity and Gender, October 2010

Average Daily Membership (ADM) by District/Charter FY2010

Home Schooled Students by District, 2004-2010


Schools by District, Grade & Type, Fall 2010

 Median Class Size: SY 2009-10 


Student-Teacher Ratios, FY 2010

Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs) by Position Licensed and Classified Personnel, FY 2010

Educator Salary and Benefits, FY 2010

Statistical Miscellaneous

Iowa (Norm-Referenced) Test, Fall 2009

Incidents of Prohibited Behavior in School or School-Related Activities 2009-2010


Financial Statements

Total Revenue & Expenditure Analysis

District/Charter Revenue & Expenditures by Fund June 30, 2010

District/Charter Revenue & Expenditures by Program June 30, 2010

Total Revenue by Source, FY 2010

Current Expenditures per Pupil in Fall Enrollment, FYs 2005-2010

Current Expenditures per Pupil in Fall Enrollment, FYs 2005-2010 (Charter Schools)

Total Current Expenditures, FYs 2005-2010

Assessed Valuation per Student in Fall Enrollment, FY 2010

Estimated Assessed Valuations and Final Approved District Tax Rates, Tax Year 2009, FY 2009-10

Indebtedness at End of FY 2010 General Obligation Bonds and Long-Term Debt

Financial Miscellaneous

WPU Value, FYs 1973-2011

Fee Waivers, FY 2010