Secondary Mathematics provides support to secondary mathematics teachers by overseeing revisions and implementation of the Secondary Mathematics Core Curriculum, answering questions, and providing clarification for teachers and administrators regarding the Secondary Mathematics Core Curriculum. Secondary Mathematics Professional Development and Leadership opportunities are offered that support student achievement through core implementation.


Is Utah Math Ready?

Utah's 3-Tier Model of Mathematics Instruction

USOE Mathematics Master Plan

USOE Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Statement (2012)

USOE Recommended Instructional Materials Database (RIMs)

State Mathematics Education Coordinating Committee (SMECC)

SMECC is a group of district mathematics coordinators, university professors, and charter school representatives in Utah. SMECC meets three to four times per year for statewide collaboration, professional development, and discussion of mathematics issues. Participation is limited to those in mathematics leadership positions in local educational agencies. The SMECC mailing list is the primary means of disseminating current information. Contact joleigh [dot] honey[at]schools [dot] utah [dot] gov(Joleigh Honey) for more information regarding this committee.