Our Mission

Skilled and Technical Sciences Education prepares students for employment and/or continuing education opportunities in skilled trades and other technical occupations, as well as promoting quality programs based on recognized industry standards.

Skilled and Technical Sciences Education Flyer

Skilled and Technical Sciences Education Pathways

The Utah STS Pathways are based on the national skills standards, where applicable, and established state standards.

The major industrial areas of STS are construction, manufacturing, transportation, communication, personal services, and protective services. People who work in technical fields are found everywhere. They are the contractors who build your new home and the factory workers who assemble your stereo. They are the pilots who fly you to your vacation destination and the news anchors who bring you the news. They are the police officers who keep you safe and the auto technicians who use the latest technology to figure out why your car isn't working.

Below are the twenty Pathways in Skilled and Technical Sciences Education:

Building Trades


Radio Broadcasting Technician
Television Broadcasting Technician

Mechanics and Repairs
Automotive Collision Repair
Automotive Service Technician
Heavy Duty Diesel

Personal Services
Esthetician/Nail Technician

Precision Production Trades
Aerospace Manufacturing
Machine Tool

Protective Services
Protective Services

Transportation and Material Moving
Aviation Technology

Visual Arts
Commercial Art
Commercial Photography

Student Leadership Organization

SkillsUSA is the student leadership organization for Skilled and Technical Sciences Education. SkillsUSA provides quality education experiences for students in leadership, teamwork, citizenship, and character development. The organization builds and reinforces self-confidence, high ethical standards, superior work skills, lifelong education, and pride in the dignity of work. SkillsUSA also promotes understanding of the free enterprise system and involvement in community service activities.

  • Nationally there are over 335,000 SkillsUSA members.
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  • National SkillsUSA,
  • Utah has over 1,439 SkillsUSA members in 71 chapters.
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National Recognition

In 2014, Utah had 170 SkillsUSA secondary and postsecondary student members compete in 74 of the 99 competitive events at the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference. Thirty-six of these students were medalists, with 15 receiving gold medals. Utah ranked seventh in receiving the most medals of any one state.Students competed with dignity and represented the state of Utah extremely well.

"SkillsUSA Utah has consistently had more medal winners (and more GOLD medal winners) than any other state in the nation in SkillsUSA competitions. This is not an easy task. Our industry standards have rigor. Our industry partners have been impressed by Utah students and teachers. You have a great system that is producing the best of the best."
—Timothy Lawrence, National Executive Director, SkillsUSA

Career Preparation/Economic Development

Each program in STS is a sequence of courses that prepares students to apply technical knowledge and skills necessary to enter their chosen field of study and increase their earning potential while still in high school.

Last year, 18,367 students were awarded a CTE Skill Certificate in Skilled and Technical Sciences, indicating a high level of performance. In addition, 390 Skilled and Technical Sciences industry certificates were earned.

State and Local Partnerships

  • American Automobile Association (AAA)
  • Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC)
  • Associated General Contractors (AGC)
  • Automotive Youth Educational Systems (AYES)
  • Ford Motor Company
  • New Car Dealers of Utah
  • Utah Builders Association

Our vision is to see that every student receives the academic knowledge and technical skills needed to be successful in the STS career of his or her choice. Students will develop essential career preparation skills through technical and experiential education, as well as personal leadership opportunities.