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Comprehensive Guidance Program

A Pathway is a method of searching for a career that fits a student's interests and lifestyle and then allows the student to build academic courses around it. The Pathway recommends individual high school courses – both academic and career-related – to concentrate on which are specifically geared toward the student's chosen career. All of this planning starts as early as middle/junior high school and continues as the student advances through high school.

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Educator's Guide to Pathways - PDF
Pathway Career Charts and Key - PDF

Pathways List - PDF

School counselors use Career Pathways to help secondary students explore options for the future. Current information on the academic, technical, and college requirements for a wide range of careers will be readily available.

Help students gather good information.
Help students make meaningful plans.
Utilize Pathways as a tool.

Student Education Occupation Plan (SEOP)
The Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program (CCGP) and in particular the Individual Planning component-including the Student Education Occupation Plan or SEOP- is critical to the success of the Pathways Initiative. The SEOP process and conferences include:

  • Objectives by grade level
  • Assessments
  • Advisement
  • Goal setting and planning processes
  • Student direction
  • Supportive guidance curriculum activities

For students in grades 7-12, the written document that results from the SEOP process includes the student's:

  • Goals
  • Next-step plans
  • Four-year-plus plans
  • Education and career goals
  • Graduation requirements and progress
  • Parent or guardian signature

Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance enhances the opportunities for students and their parents to understand the full range of high school and post-secondary education and career options. Students are supported in the development of a plan that helps connect their personal characteristics (e.g., interests, aptitudes, work values) with education and occupation goals that can help them maximize their potential.

UtahFutures for Education and Career Planning
UtahFutures was recently launched at the statewide level through collaboration with public education, higher education and workforce services. The system is designed to serve all Utah citizens from elementary school, to middle school/junior high school and on to post-secondary education and the world of work. UtahFutures will be the means for creating effective Student Education Occupation Plans (SEOP) to help students connect with Pathways, set goals, and connect their best possible future. This UtahFutures system has become our official Utah Career Information Delivery System. Such a Career Information Delivery System or CIDS can be described as:

Computer-based systems that organize, analyze and deliver national, state and local information to individuals who are exploring careers or seeking employment. CIDS generally provide national, state and local information on civilian and military occupations, educational institutions and training programs. CIDS are used to help individuals learn about the wide range of career opportunities available to them. CIDS help individuals become more aware of occupations that suit their interests and preferences, to learn about educational and training opportunities and encourage them to seek out more information on their own.

-Training Manual
Improved Career Decision-making in a Changing World

By Fall 2010, students in grades 7 through 12 will be able to use the Utah Futures system SEOP portfolio to readily connect to CTE High School to College and Career Pathways. Inside their course planner students can click on one of the CTE Pathways and that Pathway will auto-populate the student’s course plan. By accessing these 62 CTE pathways students will be able to:

  • Connect to the academic and CTE courses that have been defined to help students achieve high school graduation and transition to college and careers.
  • Link all of the regional post-secondary pathways (i.e., programs of study) to facilitate an efficient search and sort process in order to provide information specific to a user’s needs.
  • Be accessible to regions, districts and specific schools so their resident programs can be marketed to their own students as well as to students beyond their borders.

The robust nature of UtahFutures will also:

  • Provide the content to help drive the guidance process currently being designed for delivery via the CIDS.
  • Assure that students will be able to search both secondary and post-secondary programs of study as a function of their interest in a particular occupation, a particular school, a college major, an industry, a national career cluster, or via a myriad of other connections already searchable in the CIDS.
  • Facilitate the customization of course listings to attract potential students to particular programs.


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