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The middle school years are a time of exploration and discovery.  Students need experiences that will broaden their horizons. 

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The CTE Introduction program is funded through a number of state and local sources. A new source of funding was obtained by the Utah State Legislature in 1999 to assist in the update and refinement of the existing CTE Introduction program. Below is a description of this state funding.

Statement of Purpose
The Utah State Legislature has made funding available to the middle/junior high CTE Introduction core curriculum course. This CTE Introduction funding is utilized to update the CTE Introduction curriculum, purchase and maintain needed equipment and supplies, field test program modifications, and provide ongoing professional development training for teachers/counselors/administrators.

Under Utah State Board of Education rule, funding is not allowed to be used for regular personnel costs and is restricted to equipment purchase and replacement, supplies, curriculum updating, and staff training. All junior high/middle schools can receive continued support from this funding by meeting program requirements. An non-competitive application and evaluation procedure are in place to encourage continual update and renewal in schools.

Availability of Funding
Funding is disbursed consistent with Utah State Board of Education rule, which allocates to districts a base of $4000 per each school. The remaining funds are distributed based on the October 1 enrollment in grade 7 of the previous year at participating schools.

Funding Procedures
Proposals are submitted to the USOE in May each year. In order for all districts to participate, each district identifies schools that: a) teach the full stand alone CTE Introduction core curriculum program; b) are interested in participating in the program; and c) will assure compliance with all of the standards related to the program. All allocations will be based upon schools meeting and continued compliance with the program standards.

Eligible Applicants
Utah school districts are eligible applicants including public charter schools.

Schools submitting these proposals should be aware of the commitment of the administrator, teacher(s), counselor(s), and the school to delivering a quality CTE Introduction experience for students.

The CTE Introduction funding application is available in a downloadable format under the State Funding section of the USOE-CTE Web site.


Updated January 22, 2010

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