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Technology, Life, and Careerstlc Program
Program Expectations

CTE Intro creates an awareness of the knowledge and skills students will need for ongoing success in college, career, and life. A skill learned today is a skill for life.

Program Expectations
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  1. Teach the full year CTE Introduction program
  1. Deliver the 19 Career Development Activities in sequence throughout the year while utilizing the Student Record Book and Chart Your Future poster

    Awareness Activities:

    1. The Dream
    2. The World of Work
    3. What's My Line
    4. Reality Check

    Self-Knowledge Activities:

    1. Balancing Life Roles
    2. Occupations Brainstorm
    3. Connecting Personality to Pathways
    4. Identifying Abilities and Talents
    5. Understanding Learning Styles
    6. Recognizing Values and Career Preferences
    7. Discovering Career Interests and Career Pathways
    8. Nontraditional Careers

    Education Occupation Exploration Activities:

    1. 21st Century Career Skills
    2. Understanding Group Behaviors and Attitudes
    3. Developing Positive Employment Traits
    4. Increasing Career Options through Education/Lifelong Learning
    5. Searching for Occupations
    6. Making Informed Career Choices
    7. Student Education Occupation Plan
  1. Conduct a CTE Introduction orientation (2-3 days) and wrap-up (1-2 days)
  1. Provide a minimum of 6 days of Work-Based Learning experiences
  1. Work as a CTE Introduction team
      -Teachers -Administrators  
      -Counselors -Work-Based Learning Coordinators
  1. Deliver 150 days of Career and Technical Education curriculum
      -Agriculture -FACS -Marketing
      -Business -Health Science -Technology & Engineering
      -Economics -Information Technology  
  1. Participate in CTE Introduction professional development activities
  1. Ensure curriculum is delivered by appropriately licensed and endorsed teachers from at least two CTE program areas

    Note: Because CTE Intro is a core curriculum requirement, a teacher must have an Elementary Education, Middle School or Secondary Education License with the appropriate endorsement.  A CTE License will not meet this requirement. 
  1. Update equipment and supplies as suggested
  1. Provide feedback to the Utah State Office of Education

Updated January 22, 2010

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