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Center Simplified Food Buying Guide

Food Chart for 1-12 Year Olds

Infant Feeding Guide

Infant Food Chart

Adult Meal Pattern

WIC and You

WIC and You (Spanish)

Building for the Future flyer

"And Justice For All..." Poster

CNPweb Access Request Form

CNPweb Access Removal Form

Manual Forms

Basics of Operating the CACFP in Utah

Adult Production

After School Meal Program Sponsor - Facility Monitoring Form

Creditable Cereals According to FNS Nutrient Criteria For Breakfast

Day Care Enrollment

Field Trip Request

List of Creditable Milk Substitutes

Master List of Enrolled Children, Prog Eligibility & Civil Rights Roster

Milk Calculation Table

Monthly Ledger

New Employee Orientation

Self-Evaluation Checklist

Sponsor Site Monitoring

Training Agenda

Weekly Record of Meals Served, Meal Count Summary, & Monthly Meal Count Summary

Self Certification for Sponsored Facilities

Self Certification for Independent Institutions

Determining the Creditability of Breakfast Cereals

Milk Substitution Requirements

Milk Substitutes - Determining the Creditability

Milk Substitutes Documentation

Food/Beverage Substitution Request Form

Emergency Shelter daily count summary

Meal Production and Detailed Menu Records

Menu and Production Record

One Day with Example WORD PDF

Single Meal One Week WORD PDF

Multiple Meals Same Day WORD PDF

Multiple Meals Same Day with planning WORD PDF

After School Meals Program - Snack only WORD PDF

Infant Forms

Daily Infant Detailed Menu Record

Daily Infant Menu Record (Detailed)

Daily Infant Menu Record (0-3 Months)

Daily Infant Menu Record (4-7 Months)

Daily Infant Menu Record (8-11 Months)

Individual Weekly Infant Meal Record

Infant Crediting Food Guide

Infant Feeding Record | Spanish

Infant Meal Record

Infant Meal Record (Detailed) | Spanish

Infant Meal Record for Multiple Children and Ages

Automated Forms

Income Eligibility Calculator (July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017)

Meal Claim Workbook

Monthly Meal Summary All Classes

Master List of Enrolled Children

Menu and Production Record Day 1-5

Monthly Ledger

Sample - Monthly Ledger

Sample - Lunch and Breakfast meal production 1-5

CACFP Cost Comparison Worksheet Example

CACFP Cost Comparison Worksheet