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School Directory Help

The Charter School Directory is a convenient way to search, sort, and locate school data within the State. You can search by a school name, a geographic search by zip code, by particular grade ranges, or a combination of these.

Click on school entries displayed (not the links) to see them on the map, or click the links on the entries to go to the associated web pages.

  • To search by Name: Enter a full or partial school name in the "name search" field and hit return/enter to filter schools including the specified text.
  • To search by Zip Code: Enter a zip-code in the "near zip" field and hit return/enter in order to sort by the closest school. Default zip is for the USOE Headquarters.
  • To search by Grade Range: Specify grade ranges using the grade drop-downs to filter by schools that serve a span of grade ranges (Default shows all schools).
  • To clear the search Criteria: click on the X
  • To Sort alphabetically or by Distance: Click the headers (School Name, Physical Address) that are above the school list in order to sort by those fields. Physical Address header will sort by distance from an entered zip.
  • To display principal and board member information: Click "Show Detail" link in order to switch the detail level of the application and show full list of schools.