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Ongoing Funds

Ongoing funds will be distributed to charter schools based on data submitted by the charter schools consisting of students, their names, addressed, resident districts, grades, birth dates, immunization data, and special program application, if appropriate. Distribution for September and October will be made to charter schools based on data submitted to the district five school days after the beginning of the school year. District will distribute these funds then days after receiving the data from the charter school. Fund for teacher certification will be added to the fund distribution given to the schools if data on teacher certification is received by November 14.

The remaining distributions will be made based on enrollment data as of the first school day of the preceding month. Each monthly payment will be for ten percent of the annual amount of funding a school is eligible to receive at that point. Each monthly payment will be adjusted so that the school will have received the appropriate percentage of its funding for the school year, based on projected ADM [Average Daily Membership] for the year (that is, 33 percent of its projected funding by the 60th day of school, 50 percent of its funding by the 90th day of school, 100 percent of its funding by the last day of school). Necessary final calculations will be made by June 30th of each year.