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Out-Of-State Educator License Application

Application Process

Thank you for your inquiry regarding teaching in Utah. We welcome your interest in working with Utah students. To apply for a Utah Educator License, please read the following instructions carefully. Please note that these instructions are only for applicants who have never attained a Utah Educator License. If you have ever held a Utah license, you must renew via the in-state process. Click here for more information.

If you completed an education program in another country, you must apply as a Foreign-Credentialed Educator. Click here for more information.

It is important to note that some licensing requirements may differ from those in your state. It is advisable to study Utah’s requirements for endorsements before submitting your application. Click here for more information. Additional fees for endorsements are not required.

A step-by-step process follows this application checklist, where all of these requirements are spelled out in detail.

1. Application checklists

2. Tracking your application’s process

3. Step-by-step instructions to complete application package

4. License levels


1. Application checklists

Here is what to include in your application (Incomplete Applications are Returned to Sender).

  1. The completed application form.
  2. The completed endorsement application for each endorsement you are requesting in your application (no additional fee required).
  3. The evaluation filing fee of $75. Make your check or money order out to Utah State Office of Education (USOE).
  4. Original copies of all college/university transcripts you have attended. They do not need to be sealed in an envelope, but they need to be originals, on the college/university transcript paper. Photocopies or transcripts you have electronically received will not be accepted. We will accept electronic transcripts only if they are sent directly from the college/university through a transcript clearinghouse to Electronic transcripts should be emailed before you submit your application packet.
  5. If you are a new graduate from a teacher preparation program, you will first need to obtain a teaching license in the state where the program is located.  You may then apply through Utah's Out of State applicant process and include a copy of the out of state license with your other required documents. 
  6. License(s) issued by other state(s).  Submit the original or a clear photocopy of both front and back of said license(s). 
  7. If you have teaching experience, verification of licensed out of state teaching experience (half-time or more).
  8. PRAXIS II test scores if the score has been reported to you, or a copy of your admission ticket for an upcoming exam.
  9. If your name on licensing documents and transcripts is different than the name on your application, please include a copy of your marriage license and/or divorce decree and a copy of a legal ID (driver's license) reflecting your name change.

Praxis Test Chart
Praxis Test List: Utah Testing Requirements

If you send an incomplete application, it will be returned to you. We cannot physically house and file incomplete applications while waiting for missing components.



2. Tracking your application's progress

E-mail will be the primary form of communication during the licensure process, so please make sure the e-mail address on your application is correct and remember to monitor it frequently. Please report any changes in address or e-mail to the Utah State Office of Education to ensure timely license processing.

Applicants may follow the progress of the evaluation by accessing their personal files in Comprehensive Administration of Credentials for Teachers in Utah Schools (CACTUS). CACTUS help may be accessed at (800) 866-5852. Prospective employers may access this record during the hiring process.

Your new Utah Educator License will be e-mailed in a PDF format to you when all requirements are complete, including test score results and your fingerprint background clearance. All personal documents in your packet will be returned to you at the end of the process. We strive to complete the process in as timely a manner as possible, and the quickest turn-around time comes when you begin with a complete application.



3. Step-by-step instructions to complete application package

Follow these steps to insure that you have a completed application. Incomplete applications will be returned. More information, links, or the forms you will need are accessible via the linked headings.

Fingerprint Background Check
Complete a Fingerprint Background check. You must first begin the process at Educator Licensing Online and click on "Background Check." There is a place on the application packet to confirm that you have completed this step. The Live Scan done in Utah is much faster than the fingerprinting cards, but either route is acceptable. Background checks done in other states are not accepted.

Educator Ethics Review
An Educator Ethics Review will be required before your licensing can be completed.  Instructions for this will be sent to you when your complete Out of State application packet has been received.

Application Form
Fill out the Application Form completely. A signature is required for a complete application.

Endorsement Application Forms
Complete the appropriate endorsement application, if applicable (no fee required).
When requesting specific endorsements, make sure you have checked the requirements for the endorsement. While Utah holds licensing agreements with many states, you may still have additional requirements to meet. This is true both in terms of the PRAXIS requirements, and also in terms of specific coursework requirements.

Click here for most information about the requirements for Career and Technical Education endorsements.

Praxis Test Chart
Praxis II Test Score(s)

For initial licensure, you will most likely have to take at least one PRAXIS II test. Tests from other states are not accepted unless they are PRAXIS II assessments with the same test number as the tests required in Utah. When you apply, either provide a copy of all pages of the score sheet for the approved Praxis II content test if you have already taken it, or provide documentation verifying registration for the appropriate test(s). Register to take the appropriate Praxis II test(s) at the earliest possible date. You cannot be licensed until your test score has been reported to us. Therefore, it is in your best interest to register for the next possible PRAXIS assessment. Have scores reported to the Utah State Office of Education, and when you get your own score report, forward the e-mail to us so we can be sure to make note of it.

Licensing Fees
License Fee: $75
Background Check: $40

Make check or money order payable to Utah State Office of Education. Since you will have already paid on-line for the background check, the total due will be $75.00.

Original copies of all college/university transcripts you have attended. Please do not have paper transcripts sent directly to us from institutions, have them sent to you and include them with your application packet. They do not need to be sealed in an envelope, but they need to be originals, on the college/university transcript paper. Photocopies or transcripts you have electronically received will not be accepted. We will accept electronic transcripts only if they are sent directly from the college/university through a transcript clearinghouse to Electronic transcripts should be emailed before you submit your application packet. Transcripts must show degree(s) posted. Only original copies on the college/university transcript paper will be returned.

Verification of Educator Experience
Complete Verification of Educator Experience Form, if applicable. Forms must show all former employment and be signed by an official school or district administrator. Completed forms must be gathered by the applicant and submitted as part of a complete application package. If your Human Resources office uses a separate form, you can attach their form to the Verification of Educator Experience Form. We only need and want verification of actual out-of-state full-time educator experience.  We do not need or take into consideration letters of recommendation, copies of contracts, sick day or tax forms. 

Educator License(s)
Application packages must include a copy of any educator license(s) held by the applicant. Licenses submitted must be clear copies of both sides of the license, or original documents. If your state does not print licenses, but only provides electronic records of your license, then print and include this verification.

New Graduates
New graduates must first obtain an educator license in the state where their program is located.  A copy of the Out of State license must be included as part of a complete Out of State application packet.  Utah no longer accepts Institutional Recommendations from out of state institutions.

Alternative Routes to Licensure
Applicants who completed an alternative educator program must include official documentation of program completion and an official program description including class descriptions. This evidence will be considered in lieu of a traditional course of study from a teacher-preparation program.



4. License levels

A Level 1 Utah Educator License will be issued as an initial Utah License for all out-of-state applicants. Applicants with less than three years prior teaching experience will be required to participate in the three-year Early Years Enhancement (EYE) program. Applicants with three or more years experience may be promoted to a Level 2 license after a year of experience in Utah and a recommendation from their employing district. Click here for more information.