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License Requirements

Licensing Rules

Rule R277-501
Educator Licensing Renewal and Timelines

Rule R277-502
Educator Licensing and Data Retention

Rule R277-503
Licensing Routes

Rule R277-504
Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, Special Education (K-12), Communication Disorders, and Special Education (Birth-Age 5) Certification

Rule R277-505
Administrative License Areas of Concentration and Programs

Rule R277-506
School Psychologists and School Social Workers Licenses and Programs

Rule R277-507
Driver Education Endorsement

Rule R277-508
Employment of Substitute Teachers

Rule R277-509
Certification of Student Teachers and Interns

Rule R277-510
Educator Licensing: Highly Qualified Assignment

Rule R277-511
Highly Qualified Teacher Grants

Rule R277-512
Online Licensure

Rule R277-513
Dual Certification

Rule R277-514
Board Procedures: Sanctions for Misconduct

Rule R277-515
Utah Educator Standards

Rule R277-517
Athletic Coaching Certification

Rule R277-518
Applied Technology Education Licenses

Rule R277-519
Educator Professional Development Procedures and Credit

Rule R277-520
Appropriate Licensing and Assignment of Teachers

Rule R277-521
Professional Specialist Licensing

Rule R277-522
Early Years Enhancements (EYE)

Rule R277-524
Paraprofessional Qualification