License Renewals

What’s New with Renewal?

For educators familiar with the current process for renewal there are 2 primary changes.
First, the categories for acceptable renewal activities have been changed slightly. In general more activities are considered acceptable including job-imbedded professional learning activities and serving as a cooperating teacher for a student teacher. Some activities have been limited as to the number of points that can be awarded for a specific activity. For more details, please see Acceptable License Renewal Activities.

Second, the rule requires that all educators create and maintain a Professional Learning Plan that details the planned professional learning activities that they intend to complete in order to renew their Utah Educator License. In general, this plan is not intended to “lock” an educator into specific activities, but rather to aid the educator in planning appropriate activities to further their skills and knowledge related to education.

Finally, Utah Code 53A-1-603 requires that licensed educators currently employed by a local education agency (LEA) in Utah must include at least two (2) hours of youth suicide prevention training as part of their license renewal activities. This training is required to be provided by the LEA; contact a principal, HR director, or Charter director for more information.