License Renewals

Full Outline of Renewal Process

This page outlines the administrative steps to renewing your Utah Educator License. Various parts of this information may refer to the payment of an applicable fee (Current Fees for Educator Licensing Transactions).

If you have questions regarding any of the steps detailed here you may call our general licensing help number at (801) 538-7740.

All Utah Educator Licenses expire on June 30th of the appropriate year. If your license is currently valid and has not expired, then you will need to complete most of these steps between January 1st and June 30th of the year that your license expires. If your license has expired and you wish to renew your license, you may complete these steps at any time.

If you are an inactive educator whose license has been expired for at least one year, and you have been hired by a school district or charter school in a teaching position for the upcoming school year, but you do not have sufficient renewal points to renew your license, you may be eligible for the Returning Educator Re-licensure program.

Level 1 License Renewal Steps

Level 2/3 License Renewal Steps

Returning Educator Re-licensure