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Professional Learning Plan

Utah educators must create and maintain a plan of professional learning activities that they intend to complete to meet the renewal requirements for their license. This plan must be created in consultation with a licensed administrator. The requirements of this plan are different depending on whether you are an Active or Inactive Educator.

If you are an active educator this plan is a part of your overall Professional Growth Plan required as part of your educator evaluation under R277-531.

The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) has provided a sample form that is available for inactive educators to use to fulfill this requirement, but you are not required to use this particular form. The important part of meeting this requirement is not which form you use, but rather that you plan ahead to engage in meaningful professional learning activities. Active educators must use the documentation required by your employing district or charter school for your overall Professional Growth Plan which will include your Professional Learning Plan. Click here if your district or charter school is using the OnTrack system for this purpose.

Active Educator Plan Requirements

Active educators must create a Professional Growth Plan as part of their educator evaluation with their administrative supervisor. The Professional Learning Plan is a component of this overall Professional Growth Plan. For most educators, the administrative supervisor will be the Principal or Vice-Principal responsible for the annual evaluation of the educator.

Active educators are required to review and revise the plan with their administrative supervisor annually. Only your current administrative supervisor may sign your Professional Learning Plan and your final license renewal form.

Remember, state law requires that licensed educators currently employed by a district or charter school must include at least two (2) hours of suicide prevention training as part of their license renewal activities. This training must be included in the educator's Professional Learning Plan.

Inactive Educator Plan Requirements

Inactive educators must work with a licensed Utah administrator or an education administrator licensed in another state if the educator lives outside of the state of Utah. Inactive educators only need to meet with the administrator twice, once at the beginning of the educator’s license renewal cycle to create the Professional Learning Plan and once when they are ready to renew their license. The individual signing off on the license renewal form does not necessarily need to be the same individual that signed off on the Professional Learning Plan.

Inactive educators are encouraged to utilize local school principals to meet this requirement. USBE suggests that inactive educators create a preliminary plan and then contact a local school principal to request a brief appointment to go over the plan. Principals will not be able to create a plan for you, but may be able to direct you to some potential resources for professional learning activities. Keep in mind that building principals do have a lot of work responsibilities and you may need to work around their schedule in order to facilitate the meeting.

Remember, if you are an inactive educator any licensed administrator may sign off on both your plan and your renewal.

Professional Learning Plan: Inactive Educators