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Utah License Renewals

Utah Educators are expected to engage in continuous self-assessment and professional learning in order to ensure that their instructional skills are at the highest level possible. This expectation is reflected in the Educator License Renewal Rule (R277-500) established by the Utah State Board of Education (USBE).

All Utah Educators are encouraged to read through this rule to ensure that they understand the rules regarding license renewal. The information on this website is provided to educators to help them navigate the administrative requirements necessary to maintain their Utah license but it does not replace nor supersede the information in that rule.

Three years ago the Board Passed changes to R277-503 making LEA-specific licenses parallel to standard licenses in terms of length and renewal requirements. The Licenses that existed at that time expire on 6/30/2015 and are coming up for renewal for the first time this year. Any individual holding a Level 1 LEA-specific license is required to renew under the same rules and procedures as a standard Level 1 license. The only exception is that any such individual is not required to upgrade to a Level 2 license. This type of license can be upgraded to a Level 2 LEA-specific license if all requirements have been met; contact your LEA for details.

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