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Academic Pathway to Licensure (APT)

Level 1: APT License Application

Alternative Routes to Licensure (ARL)

ARL Program (Flow Chart)

Content Course Eligibility Checklist for Elementary Education and Special Education ARL Applicants (Sample)

Content Course Eligibility Checklist for Elementary Education and Special Education ARL Applicants (Worksheet)

Utah's USBE ARL Licensing Process Steps 

Utah's ARL Application Form

Entry Years Enhancement (E.Y.E.)

Academic Pathway to Teaching (APT) Upgrade Application

E.Y.E. Brochure

E.Y.E. Manual Upgrade Application

Level 1 License Extension

International License

Application for Utah Educator License for Teachers with International Credentials

USBE Verification of Educator Experience 

License Renewal

Level 1 License Renewal Form

Level 2/3 License Renewal Form

Utah Educator License Renewal Professional Learning Plan: Inactive Educator

Return to Licensure Application Part 1 of 2

Return to Licensure Renewal Application Part 2 of 2

Loans and Scholarships

T. H. Bell Teaching Incentive Loan (TIL) Program: Student Application

No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

Correction of Comprehensive Administration of Credentials for Teachers in Utah Schools (CACTUS) Records: Degree Data

Posting of Degree on CACTUS


Letter of Authorization Request Form

Local Education Agency (LEA)-Specific: Competency-Based License Application

Out-of-State (OOS) License

Application for Utah Educator License for OOS Teachers 

USBE Verification of Educator Experience

USBE Verification of Professional Certification for OOS Certification and Licensure