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License Renewal

Level 1 Renewal Form

Level 2/3 Renewal Form

Professional Learning Plan Form
Inactive Educators

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Correction of CACTUS Records Degree Data
If your CACTUS record includes incorrect information about your degree, print this form and mail it to the State Office of Education.

Posting of Degree on CACTUS
If you need to add a degree to the CACTUS data system, print this form and mail it with your original transcript to the State Office of Education.

Entry Years Enhancements (EYE)

Level 1 License Extension
This form is to be used for those with a Level 1 license who have taught three years in Utah, who cannot renew the Level 1 License, but are unable to upgrade to the Level 2 license.

Verification of Entry Years Enhancement (EYE) Upgrade
Upgrade from Level 1 Educator License to a Level 2 Educator License. This form is for a district/school to recommend an individual educator if unusual circumstances prevent approval through the online system.

Out-of-State and Country Licensing

Application for Utah Educator License for Out-of-State Teachers

Application for Utah Educator License for Teachers with International Credentials

Verification of Educator Experience

District/Charter School Specific Competency-Based License

LEA-Specific Competency-Based License Application

Loans and Scholarships

2013-14 application will be available December 2012.