Endorsements and Early Childhood Education (ECE) License Area

American Sign Language

Complete the following:

1. American Sign Language Endorsements Application

2. Please place the course number in the box to indicate that the minimum requirement in each area has been met. Each box must have a course number for the requirement to be satisfied.

3. Acceptable lines of evidence include:

  • Approved professional development
  • University or college course work
  • Clearly demonstrates competency

For more information, please contact gregg [dot] roberts [at] schools [dot] utah [dot] gov (Gregg Roberts), World Language Specialist, at (801) 646-4238.

Send the highlighted transcript, $25 processing fee or $35 State Approved Endorsement fee and completed application to:

Utah State Office of Education
Teaching and Learning - Endorsements
250 East 500 South
PO Box 144200
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4200