Consent Calendar


Revised General Consent Calendar

November 7, 2014


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A.         Minutes of Previous Meetings                                                                                               Tab A


Minutes of the State Board of Education meetings held October 9-10, 2014

             are presented for approval.


B.         Monthly Budget Report                                                                                                           Tab B


A monthly budget report is provided to give information to the Board in meeting its fiduciary responsibilities for the Utah State Office of Education, Utah State Office of Rehabilitation, and Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind. It is proposed that the Board receive the report.


C.         Contracts                                                                                                                                    Tab C


             It is proposed that the Board approve the following contracts:


             1.   Davis County Schools Warehouse, $750,000, 11/01/14 to 10/31/19, federal


For receipt and storage of USDA Commodities.


             2.   Imagine Learning, Inc., $9,263,900, 11/07/14 to 6/30/18, amendment


To provide adaptive learning technology and assessments for early intervention students.


             3.   iAssessment dba TrueNorthLogic, $866,700, 12/01/14 to 11/30/16, federal 


Licensed software for program and grant management.


D.         Contract Reports                                                                                                                      Tab D


It is proposed that the Board receive the following reports: Contracts Approved by State Superintendent or USOR Director (less than $100,000) and Upcoming Contracts with Renewals as of 10/1/013.


E.          CEEDAR Grant                                                                                                                           Tab E


It is proposed that the Board approve the receipt of $200,000 to the USOE for a grant from the Collaborative for Effective Educator Development, Accountability, and Reform Center (CEEDAR), and authorize the State Superintendent to sign the Memorandum of Understanding.

F.          Expanded Eminence Authorization                                                                                       Tab F


The following schools have requested expanded eminence authorization for the individuals listed:

                   Karl Maeser Preparatory Academy - Anna Woods

                   American Preparatory Academy - Leslie Fallis, Craig Hollinger

                   Legacy Preparatory Academy - Fred Sherman Lee

                   Merit College Preparatory Academy - Robinne Booth


It is proposed that the Board grant expanded eminence authorization to Anna Woods, Leslie Fallis, Craig Hollinger, Fred Sherman Lee, and Robinne Booth.


G.         R277-487 Public School Data Confidentiality and Disclosure                                            Tab G


In its October 10, 2014 meeting, the Board approved amendments to R277-487, and continuation of the rule, on second reading. Amendments were made to address security standards for student data. No substantive changes have been made since that time.


It is proposed that the Board approve R277-487 Public School Data, Confidentiality and Disclosure, as amended, and continuation of the rule, on third and final reading.


H.         Requests for Temporary Authorizations                                                                              Tab H


It is proposed that the Board approve temporary authorizations for licenses as submitted by school districts and charter schools.


I.           List of Educator Licenses Processed                                                                                       Tab I


A summary of the total number of educator licenses and license areas processed in October 2014 is provided for Board information. It is proposed that the Board receive the report.


J.          Ratification of Hiring


It is proposed that the Board ratify the hiring of Jessica Bowman as an Education Specialist in the Special Education Section.


K.         Additional School for the Smart Schools Technology Program                                        Tab K


It is proposed that the Board approve two additional schools, Itineris Early College High School and Logan High School, for the Smart School Technology Program.