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Assessment Directors

Each LEA is responsible for designating an assessment director. This assessment director is responsible for insuring that all statewide assessment policies and procedures are adhered to and implemented. (R277-404)

Assessment Director Resources

2014-2015 SAGE Spring Summative TAM Revised 2/17/2015

2014-2015 SAGE Mid-Year Summative TAM Revised 11/12/2014

2014-2015 SAGE Interim TAM Revised 11/12/2014

2014-2015 SAGE Test Assignment Core Codes Revised 1/13/2015

2014-2015 USOE Assessment and Accountability Testing Calendar Revised 11/26/2014

2014-2015 SAGE System Schedule Revised 10/1/2014


School Grading Exemption Request Form

2014-2015 SAGE Training Presentations

SAGE Spring 2015 Summative Updates Webinar 4/7/15

SAGE Spring 2015 Summative Updates 4/7/2015

SAGE Spring 2015 Summative Webinar 12/2014

  1. SAGE Spring Summative Training Policy Overview Revised 12/10/2014 
  2. SAGE Spring Training Tests Item Types Tools Revised 12/12/2014
  3. SAGE Spring Accommodations EL Revised 12/10/2014
  4. SAGE Spring UTREx Data Revised 12/10/2014
  5. SAGE Spring Systems Overview Revised 12/12/2014
  6. SAGE Spring Student Interface Revised 12/12/2014
  7. SAGE Spring TIDE Revised 12/10/2014
  8. SAGE Spring Test Administrator Interface Revised 12/10/2014
  9. SAGE Spring ORS Participation Reports Revised 12/10/2014
  10. SAGE Spring ORS Accessing Student Results Revised 12/12/2014

Data Management


USOE Secure FTP (Move-it)

USOE Data Display 

UTREx Assessment Extract 2014-2015 New 1/30/2015

Testing Ethics

Testing Ethics Policy – Adopted August 8, 2014

Testing Ethics Policy Training 2014-2015

Testing Ethics Policy Sign Off

Testing Ethics Policy FAQ

Training Documents

Assessment Acronymns