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Criterion-Referenced Tests (CRT)

Some thoughts on assessment from Classroom Assessment and the National Science Education Standards (NRC, 2001) that will hopefully encourage you to look at assessment beyond the Core CRTs and that can be applied towards instruction of Utah students in science.

Assessment is an ubiquitous part of classroom life. Most exchanges between teacher and students are an occasion for considering the quality of student work. Often informal, assessment is a natural feature of teaching and learning whether or not it is so identified by teachers or students. A careful look at any classroom offers evidence of the intimate connection between teaching and assessment.

Research shows about assessment that:

  • Regular and high-quality assessment in the classroom can have a positive effect on student achievement.
  • The information gathered must be used to inform instruction and learning.
  • Student participation is a key component of successful assessment strategies at every step.
  • It is necessary to align assessments in the classroom with externally developed examinations (the Core Curriculum).

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