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ESOL and EL/Civics

Classroom teachers are the vital part of local adult education programs successes through student classroom instruction.

English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), empowers non-English speaking individuals to become knowledgeable in English in order to become self-sufficient, with the English skills necessary for current and future employment and for personal success in daily life.

We assist non-English speaking adults to become literate in English and obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful life in Utah.

English Language and Civics Education (EL/Civics), includes not only ESOL skills but also introduces individuals to a civics education necessary for them to be an educated citizen of the United States and Utah. Civics education is not a citizenship class designed to help individuals pass the citizenship test, but an education in the civic responsibilities of citizens of the United States.

This site contains information on the Utah Adult Education Standards for ESOL and EL/Civics, teacher resources, teaching websites, and many other useful tools for the ESOL classroom. There are links to sites containing curriculum, research, and the latest information with regards to adult ESOL and EL/Civics instructions. Many of these sites have links to other pertinent sites.