Grant Reimbursement Form

Adult Education and Family Literacy Act Request for Reimbursement
Reimbursement requests must be received by the 25th of the month/quarter to be processed for payment the following month. Requests received later than the 25th will be processed in the next cycle.

Grants - Federal 

Grants - Utah

State Supplemental Grant Application
LEA adult education programs receiving less than one percent of the state allocation as indicated on the state allocation table that do not have any carryover funds. Applications for supplemental funds are accepted and processed annually between October 15 and October 31. Awarded funds shall be used for special program needs or professional development, as determined by written request and Utah State Office of Education evaluation of need and approval.


Completing and Submitting a Federal Reimbursement Request

Corrections Adult Education Allocation Table 2014-2015

District State Allocation Table 2014-2015

Federal AEFLA Allocation 2014-2015

How to Figure Indirect Costs

Indirect Cost Rates
Non-restricted=State; Restricted=Federal

Memorandum of Understanding Sample