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Government and Community Resources

211 – Information and Referral Center
211 Info Bank, a program of Community Services Council, is a free information and referral line for health, human and community services. 211 provides information and referral on topics such as emergency food pantries, rental assistance, public health clinics, child care resources, support groups, legal aid, and a variety of non-profit and governmental agencies.

College for Adults
Site designed by the National College Transition Network (NCTN) for independent study or as a supplement for in-class study. It teaches study skills, links to sites with academic online preparation, and guides prospective college students through offices such as admissions and student support.

Department of Workforce Services
The Department of Workforce Services (DWS) is "Utah’s Job Connection." DWS is the product of Utah’s bold vision for the future of quality workforce development. It is a consolidation of all employment related functions into a comprehensive service delivery system. Now job seeker and employer customers can access the services they need without the confusion and burden of working with multiple agencies.

Housing and Utility Assistance
Housing and Community Development helps communities with their infrastructure, bonding ability, and basic community services—fueling healthy communities and a healthy economy; fives critical assistance to communities with some of their toughest community problems, like hunger, homelessness, and domestic violence; and assists individuals and groups serving these communities with support for volunteers (including AmeriCorps projects and emergency preparedness), and support for nonprofit groups.

Just for Utah Youth
This link has information designed especially for youth. There are answers, links and information on such topics as financial aid, college help, GED information, high school, tech programs, and several other educational topics.

National Center for Youth Issues
The National Center for Youth Issues provides resources to communities, schools, organizations and individuals, enabling them to model, and to teach children and youth the importance of embracing, the values and virtues necessary for positive behavior and citizenship.

SLVHD Salt Lake Valley Health Department
SLVHD provides information to promote and protect community and environmental health. Searches for various health related information can be made. Information regarding food handler classes is available on this site.

State of Utah Refugee Office
This website provides useful information for refugees, service providers, public and private partners, and the community at large. It provides information to different organizations that are set up to help refugees. There is also information on where and how to access such necessities as housing, employment, financial assistance, school and English education, as well as a host of other areas.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church
261 South 900 East
Salt Lake City, Utah
Emergency Food Pantry, Saturdays 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Think Ahead – Youth Empowerment
Heartland Foundation is an organization that chooses to focus on empowering individuals by focusing on what’s ahead rather than always looking to the past. They see optimism where failure is nothing more than an admission that people can be smarter today than they were yesterday. Their mission is to empower all children and adults to continuously improve their health and quality of life, and they have a number of programs that teach and support this Youth Empowerment.

U.S.A. Learns
The site provides adults with low levels of English proficiency with easily accessible and free English language training. Areas of heavy usage are displayed on the map at left, with the darkest areas representing the highest numbers of hits on the site. The view/zoom function will enlarge the legend. Population data suggest that adults using the website to learn English include large numbers of Hispanic immigrants. Early information indicates that for First English courses the average mastery level for all quizzes was 80 percent on the first try. The average mastery level was 77 percent in the Second English course.

Utah Clicks
Helps families find and apply for state programs and services. You can now fill out and complete applications for a variety of Utah programs using the streamlined process available on this site.