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Manuals and Materials

2014-2015 STAR K-3 Manual
This manual has an interactive table of contents. You can view or print specific pages by clicking on the left hand side.


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STAR Parent

STAR Advanced


Forms and Lesson Plans

Teacher Recommendation Form

Parent Permission Letter 

Parent Permission Letter (Spanish)

STAR Lesson Plan: Reading Levels A-P Chart

STAR Lesson Plan: Reading Levels A-P Detailed

Fluency Timings

Movin' on up Passages
Levels D through W

Movin' on up Chart

Fluency Record Sheets

Sight Words

Fry Sight Word Lists (K-10)


Cross-Age Tutoring

STAR Parent Tutoring



Use estas preguntas para ayudar a sus ninos a entender la lectura

Hábilidad para leer en voz alta

Fry frases (grupos 1-8)

Tutoria de palabras frecuentes

Lista de palabras frecuentes (níveles 1-6)

Archived Materials

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