Core Standards

Fifth Grade

Core Document

Elementary Social Studies Word/Concept List

1. National Standards

National Standards from National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS)

2. Material and Resources

The following are materials and resources that can be used to support the core curriculum.

Elementary Core Resource:
A one-stop link for enduring understandings and essential questions, lesson ideas, web sites, books, and assessments directly linked to the elementary social studies core.

Lesson Ideas

UEN Core Resources
Lesson plans and web resources that are aligned to the core standards.

American Indian Resources
Lesson plans and web resources that are aligned to the core standards.



Colonial America

Revolution/American Government

American Indian

Civil War

Pioneers/Manifest Destiny


Beginning of the 20th Century/Our Nation Today

Teacher Resources

The Learning Page
The Learning Page is designed to help educators use the American Memory Collections to teach history and culture. It offers tips and tricks, definitions and rationale for using primary sources, activities, discussions, lesson plans and suggestions for using the collections in classroom curriculum.

Utah State Office of Education Recommended Instructional Materials System (RIMS)
Find instructional materials that have been adopted by the Utah State Office of Education.

National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS)
Founded in 1921, National Council for the Social Studies has grown to be the largest association in the country devoted solely to social studies education. NCSS engages and supports educators in strengthening and advocating social studies. With members in all the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and 69 foreign countries, NCSS serves as an umbrella organization for elementary, secondary, and college teachers of history, geography, economics, political science, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and law-related education.

Encyclopedia of the United States at War
by June A. English and Thomas D. Jones, ISBN: 0590634216, Scholastic
From the American Revolution to the Gulf War, The Encyclopedia of the United States at War chronicles the history of our country's involvement in armed conflict. War is not all battles and weapons and uniforms; its roots begin to grow many years before the first shot is fired. War is the agonizing decision by our political leaders to risk lives to protect the country's interests. War is every story of every person who gives his or her life in the service of their country. The lessons of war are important ones for young people to learn.

Encyclopedia of the North American Indian
by James Ciment with Ronald LaFrance, Ph.D., ISBN: 0590227912, Scholastic
Our American Indian cultures are shown in this book. More than 400 illustrations, legends, maps, stories, and detailed culture will help you learn about the one hundred forty-nine tribes stretching from the Arctic Circle to Central America and the Caribbean. You will also learn about the lives and contributions of men, women, and children from times past to present.

The Children's Book of America Edited
by William J. Bennett and illustrated by Michael Hague, ISBN: 0590664816, Scholastic
In these pages, children meet some of the historical events, legends, songs, and poems that are their legacy. Abigail Adams, amid confusion and bloodshed, calmly takes up a pen to sustain her husband and their dream of independence. Lewis and Clark stand at the forks of the Missouri River and study its waters intently, knowing that somewhere upstream lies a nation's destiny. John Henry's hammer whirls like the wind and falls like a thunderclap, each stroke announcing that the American spirit will prevail. These episodes are part of what Abraham Lincoln called the mystic cords of memory that bind us together as a people.

Pioneers, Read Aloud Plays
by Dallas Murphy, ISBN 0590918117,  Scholastic
Five short plays for the classroom with background information, writing prompts, and creative activities for teaching about the Pioneers. Titles of plays include: Time Travel, Letters Home, The Shortcut, The cake Wreck, and A Visitor.

The American Revolution
by George Lee, ISBN: 1580370101, Mark Twain Media
Historical facts, a time line, and interdisciplinary cooperative teaching plans help you understand North America from the first Asian hunters who crossed into Alaska and moved southward into a continent just recovering from the ice age to the shaping of the nation. These ancestors gave us the language we speak, the ideals of freedom we cherish, and the belief that a person can and should take advantage of opportunities. This book is about people who lived hundreds of years ago, but whose tradition is part of our lives today.

Making Social Studies Come Alive!
by Marilyn Kretzer, Marlene Slobin, and Madella Williams, ISBN: 0590963813, Scholastic
This book contains 65 classroom-tested activities and projects by the authors to make social studies more exciting and come alive. Teachers who constantly try new ideas and incorporate a variety of hands-on-activities into their lessons feel refreshed even after many years in the classroom. Some of our activities may be new to you, or some may be ones you already use in your classrooms, but perhaps with a different spin or slant to them. Hopefully, we have given you new ways to approach some things you've done the same way for years.

Colonial America
by Mary Kay Carson, ISBN: 0590965603, Scholastic
A complete theme unit developed in cooperation with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation brings you background information, hands-on activities, a read-aloud play and a full-color poster. It is designed to help your students see how life was in colonial times and feel the importance of what happened during that time period.

American History Mysteries
by Lucinda Landon, ISBN: 0590498894, Scholastic
Spellbinding, reproducible mystery stories that students read and solve to learn about important events in American history are found in this teacher resource book. The mysteries teach about The Pilgrims, Planning Washington, D.C., the Transcontinental Railroad, The Underground Railroad, and the Civil War.

American History Poems
by Bobbi Katz, ISBN: 0590499734, Scholastic
Launch each of your social studies lessons with a compelling poem that makes history meaningful and memorable for your students. Topics covered include Native Americans, the Pilgrims, exploration, the American Revolution, pioneers, immigration and many more

American History Time Lines
by Susan Washburn Buckley, ISBN: 059026608X, Scholastic
An instant, innovative way to enrich social studies. Just reproduce the pages, tape together, and display these big, illustrated time lines to enhance learning about key topics such as growth of a nation, voting rights, space, exploration, and more. Students will love adding new information to these interactive teaching tools.

10 American History Plays
by Sarah J. Glasscock, ISBN: 0590599313, Scholastic
Make the drama of American history real in your classroom with these inspiring, fact-based plays on important American History topics such as early exploration, the Boston Tea Party, the Oregon Trail, Ellis Island, civil rights and many more. Includes background information, cross-curricular extension activities, and literature links.

Military History/American History (Grolier)
The glory and horror of America at war come to life in these gripping books. Franklin Watts' expert authors reveal details of key battles, military strategy and equipment and provide comprehensive historical backgrounds.

The Colonial Wars
by Alden R. Carter, ISBN: 0531156540

The American Revolution
by Alden R. Carter, ISBN: 0531156524

The War of 1812
by Alden R. Carter, ISBN: 0531156591

The Mexican War
by Alden R. Carter, ISBN: 0531156567

The Civil War
by Alden R. Carter, ISBN: 0531156532

The Spanish-American War
by Alden R. Carter, ISBN: 0531156475

World War I
by Tom McGowen, ISBN: 0531156605

World War II
by Tom McGowen, ISBN: 0531156613

by Tom McGowen, ISBN: 0531156559

The Vietnam War
by John Devaney, ISBN: 0531156583

100 Years in Photographs
by George Sullivan, ISBN: 0590228587, Scholastic
Decade by decade this book takes us from the year 1900 to the year 2000 in pictures. The faces, events, and memories of one hundred years unfold in front of our faces. Picture captions fill in the needed information to make the photos come alive.

National Geographic Picture Show (CD-ROM)

National Geographic Geokit (CD-ROM)Transparencies, Maps, Teacher's Guide, Westward Movement The Civil War Immigration, and the 20th Century.

National Geographic Transparencies
Colonial America, Westward Movement, American Revolution Immigration, Civil War, WWI Era, WWII Era, and Civil Rights.

Internet Resources

Pioneer (Utah's Online Library)
Provides statewide access to newspaper articles, magazines, professional journals, encyclopedias, video, photographs, maps, charts, and graphics.

Utah Education Network
Provides education tools, activities, lesson plans, curriculum guides and professional development for teachers and educators in the state of Utah. You can also find other UEN resources like KULC channel 9, EDNET, and distance learning resources here.

The Center for Civic Education
The Center for Civic Education is to promote an enlightened and responsible citizenry committed to democratic principles and actively engaged in the practice of democracy in the United States and other countries.

The History Net 
The History Net provides numerous articles on World War II, Wild West, American History, Civil War, British Heritage, Military History, Aviation History and more.

U.S. Civil War Center
The United States Civil War Center's mission is to promote the study of the war using an interdisciplinary approach, examining the perspectives of all professions, occupations, and academic disciplines, and to make available all appropriate private and public data regarding the Civil War. 

USA Immigration
USA People Search is a great resource for research on immigration into the United States.

50 States and Capitals 
State information resource links to state homepage, symbols, flags, maps, constitutions, representatives, songs, birds, flowers, trees.

American Memory
American Memory is a gateway to rich primary source materials relating to the history and culture of the United States. The site offers more than 7 million digital items from more than 100 historical collections.

Mayflower History
Deals with the Mayflower, the Pilgrims, and early Plymouth Colony.

How to Become a Citizen
Not everyone living in the United States is a citizen. Learn how to become a citizen.