Utah Core Standards - Fourth Grade

Core Standards for Social Studies

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National Standards

National Standards from National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS)
Founded in 1921, NCSS has grown to be the largest association in the country devoted solely to social studies education. NCSS engages and supports educators in strengthening and advocating social studies.



Ask Asia
Kids can e-mail any questions they have about Japan and have them answered by a member of the site's Asia Studies Team.

Bank Jr
Zions Bank and have created the Bank Jr website as the biggest and most comprehensive kid-friendly resource on the web for learning about finances.

Japan Information Network
You and your students are just a click away from viewing some of Japan's national art treasures at The Virtual Museum of Traditional Japanese Arts.

Journey Through Topaz
During World War II when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, the United States government initiated a policy which took thousands of Japanese Americans citizens out of their homes and put them in internment camps.

K-12 Schools Pioneer: Utah's Online Library
Utah’s online library of electronic resources that provides statewide access to newspaper articles, magazines, professional journals, encyclopedias, video, photographs, maps, charts, and graphics.

Learning geography is fun! Not only can geography be enjoyable, but a greater appreciation of people, places, and cultures can enrich our minds and help us better understand our place on this earth.

Ouelessebougou and You
This virtual tour will help you compare and contrast Oulessebougou and Utah.

Recommended Instructional Materials System (RIMS)
Find instructional materials that have been adopted by the Utah State Office of Education (USOE).

Utah History For Kids
Created by the Utah State Historical Society to help teach Utah history to kids.

The Learning Page
Designed to help educators use the American Memory Collections to teach history and culture.

Utah Education Network (UEN)
UEN provides education tools, activities, lesson plans, curriculum guides and professional development for teachers and educators in the state of Utah. You can also find other UEN resources like KULC channel 9, EDNET, and distance learning resources here.

Vote Utah
This Non-Partisan website combines resources from its partners to bring you moments from Utah's political history, fun and educational things to do for teachers and students, a record of candidate and initiative information and news coverage for the elections, and more.