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Secondary - Biology

Activities and Experiments

1. Mitosis: 3520-0301 - Compare and contrast types of cellular reproduction.

2. What's Wrong Here?: 3520-0402 - Describe how mutations affect genes and genetic expression.

3. What Can You Find in A Cell?: 3520-0201 - Investigate structure and function of cells.

4. What is the Advantage of Being Different?: 3520-0503 - Relate biodiversity to extinction.

5. Creature Categories: 3520-0501 - Classify organisms using a key.

6. My What Big Teeth You Have: 3520-050 - Classify organisms using a key or 702: Analyze ecosystems in realtion to matter cycles and energy flow. 


1. The Heredity and the Sense of Taste: 3520-0302 - Explain the significance of DNA replication relative to heredity.

2. Where Will Brine Shrimp Eggs Hatch?: 3520-0102 - Investigate and explain the relation of water to organisms or 0801: Predict how changes in one part of an ecosystem affect the system.

3. Why Do They Spray Produce in the Supermarket?: 3520-0202 - Explain how a cell functions as a system.

4. Modeling the Geologic Time line and the Development of Life on Earth: 3520-0601 - Investigate evidence for evolution in the fossil record, geologic timeline, and living organisms.

5. Biogas Generator: 3520-0802 - Analyze the effects of human activities on matter cycles and energy flow.

6. What's Going on There?: 3520-0801 - Predict how changes in one part of an ecosystem affect the system.