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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are we allowed to add new/additional content as new science discoveries are found.
Ex: The recent announcement from the Smithsonian zoologists’ discovery of new species of carnivore [olinguito].

I know there are some contractual limitations; however, is there a state procedure to alert you to any content updates we are considering?

A1.  New content can be added to an existing product and submitted as a substitution (see Program Guidebook on the website at ). The state curriculum specialist and the Instructional Materials Commission will examine the new content, and, if it is determined to be insignificant and not a major change in the text and how it aligns to the core, it will be accepted as a substitution and put under the same contract as the existing item. If the change is significant and alters the core alignment or generates a new ISBN number, the title should receive a new review and be put under a new contract. Utah’s contract period is 5 years, but reviews are conducted at least annually in all subject areas.