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Frequently Asked Questions

Health Education

1. Where can I find the K-2 Health Education Core Curriculum?
Health education is part of the K-2 integrated Core Curriculum. There is specific health education curriculum for grades 3 - 10 and can be found on the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) Health Education website.

2. May I exempt my child from the human sexuality unit in health education?
Yes, you may. With the sensitive nature of teaching human sexuality in the public school system, parents may opt students out of all or parts of the human sexuality unit and indicate the option on the Human Sexuality Parent Release Form. It is suggested that before making a final decision, parents contact the teacher to express concerns about curriculum offerings.

3. If I choose to personally teach human sexuality to my child, does the Utah State Office of Education offer resources that may help?
On the USOE Health Education website, under the heading of Law and Policy, there is a Human Sexuality Resource Manual for Teachers and Parents that will be of help to you. Teachers may also be of assistance in providing resources to be used in the home.

4. What professional development is required to teach human sexuality?
State law requires that the USOE provide an annual law and policy training for new or newly assigned teachers of human sexuality. Two of these trainings are conducted each year, one in September and the other in October. They are listed on the USOE Health Education website. Veteran teachers of human sexuality are required to complete a district-sponsored update training once every three years. For scheduled workshops, teachers should check with their district offices.

5. Should my district have a committee to screen human sexuality materials and guest speakers?
All districts are required by law to have a Human Sexuality Materials Committee in place to screen all materials considered for use in human sexuality instruction.

6. Is an adoption presentation a required part of the health education core curriculum?
Yes. Utah State law requires that an adoption presentation be made in both the Health Education I and Health Education II courses.

7. Where can I find a list of professional development activities for health educators?
Current professional development opportunnities are listed on the Health Education website under the category "Professional Development."

8. How do I get on a committee to screen health education textbooks or to assist in developing curriculum?
Contact the Health Education Specialist listed on the Health Education website.

9. Is it possible for my student to certify in CPR?
The Utah State Office of Education offers a CPR certification in high school health classes and in many of the science technology classes. Health teachers complete a free Instructor Certifying course that enables them to issue cards through the USOE.

Physical Education

1. Where can I find the K-2 Physical Education Core Curriculum?
Physical Education is part of the K-2 Integrated Core Curricululm. There is specific physical education curricula for grades 3 - 12 and can be found on the USOE Physical Education website.

2. What is the licensing requirement to teach elementary physical education in Utah?
An elementary teaching license is required to teach physical education in Utah. Elementary classroom teachers are responsible to teach the Elementary Physical Education Core Curriculum.

3. Can physical education requirements be waived?
The only way for physical education to be waived is by a doctor's release. A detailed letter from a physician is required. Parents, of students with health challenges, should meet with the physical education teacher who can design a program to specifically meet their student's needs.

4. Can students receive high school graduation credit for participation in athletics?
Subject to district approval, students may receive a one time .5 credit in physical education for two seasons of Utah High School Activities Association recognized sports. This does not include activities such as band, drama or debate. The credit may substitute for the Individualized Lifetime Activities Course.

5. Do sports classes such as football or basketball count for physical education credit?
Sports classes may count for elective graduation credit only and never for required physical education credit.

6. Is independent study available for physical education credit?
Independent study is an option for credit in physical education. A school's physical education teacher must develop the curriculum and supervise the process. This is done as a courtesy to the student. Teachers are never required to be part of an independent program.

7. Is there an online option for physical education credit?
Fitness for Life is currently the only class available in an online format. For details contact the Utah State Office of Education's Electronic High School.

8. Can a student test out of physical education?
Districts have the option of offering a competency test for Fitness for Life credit. Both knowledge and performance are measured on the test, and if successful, a student receives .5 credit to fulfill the Fitness for Life requirement.

9. Does the Utah State Office of Education provide professional development for teachers?
Current professional development opportunities are listed on the Physical Education website under the heading, Professional Development.

10. May teachers in private schools participate in Utah State Office of Education sponsored professional development?
USOE professional development is for teachers in Utah's public and charter schools only.