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For District Arts Coordinators, Curriculum Directors, and other leaders

  • Opportunity to work together to benefit from each other’s experience, develop personal, professional, school, and district goals, and build local capacity to achieve those goals for the growth of the teachers and the students they guide and support.
  • Expertise and technical assistance in all four art forms.
  • Access to instructional materials and other resources such as USOE partnerships with the Utah Arts Council, POPS, and professional artists, educators, and artistic organizations.

For Students

  • Guidance of arts learning goals and objectives to support students becoming college and career ready. (See ELA Common Core, page 7).
  • Support of statewide performance assessment festivals that motivate and illuminate their understanding and development as they view the work of their peers.
  • Experiences with professional performers and creators of art, music, dance, and theatre.
  • Support of students’ Life Skills development in problem solving, creative and abstract thinking skills, collaborative learning, aesthetic development, group responsibility, etc.
  • Support for integrated learning.

For Parents

  • Inclusion in planning/reviewing educational programs and working together on common concerns.
  • Web information on all Arts core curricula and associated instructional materials, professional development events, directories, administrative resources and programmatic goals.

For Teachers and Principals

  • Professional growth opportunities in collaborative workshops w/associated credit.
  • Personal assistance with endorsement programs.
  • Instructional materials (DVD’s, CD’s, Songbook, PD Videos, Arts-relevant children’s literature lists.
  • Access to professional artists (POPS programs), teacher arts association conferences, national arts education organizations and their research, and technical assistance in art, music, dance and theatre.
  • Inclusion in planning/reviewing educational programs, curriculum, cross-core instruction, and resolving common concerns.

For Colleagues in our Institutions of Higher Learning

  • Collaborative work in overcoming the gap from pre-service to inservice.
  • Inclusion in the development of curriculum and materials.
  • Access to materials and professional development for pre-service students.

For Professional Artists and Artistic Organizations

  • Access to core materials, directories.
  • Inclusion in planning/reviewing educational programs, curriculum, and addressing common concerns.

For Colleagues in Professional Associations

  • Co-sponsorship of student events.
  • Assistance with and support of association conferences.
  • Access to directories.
  • Inclusion in planning/reviewing educational programs, curriculum, and addressing common concerns.