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So Why Music?

All children need to have music as a part of their education, not because children need to become accomplished musicians (though certainly a worth while objective), but to encourage the development of sensitivity, creativity, and discipline, while at the same time bringing joy into their everyday classroom experiences. Music contributes to the education of the whole child beyond the basic need for literacy and numeracy. As a whole brain activity it is unique in the core of educational curricula uniting cognitive musical elements formed on both sides of the brain. It provides opportunity for self expression, divergent thinking, and problem solving. It also enhances the development of positive self esteem and engages students in opportunities to work cooperatively in group interaction. In short, music attends to the need to include humanity as an essential part of our children's education.

This songbook was sponsored by the Fine Arts division of the Utah State Office of Education and features practical music lessons correlated to the Utah State Music Core Curriculum standards and Integrated across the elementary education curriculum.

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