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Learning Goals in the Fine Arts

Study in the arts is an essential means, not an end, to acquiring thinking skills, creativity, the ability to change, and the facility to teach oneself. In a safe, nurturing environment, the arts enable students to express their feelings, communicate thoughts, explore their creativity, solve problems, communicate ideas, develop a sense of community, and appreciate themselves as participants in history, tradition, and culture. Learning in art, dance, drama, film, and music advances and strengthens motor skills. Self-discipline, perception, sensitivity, and promotes considerate behavior and the ability to work well with others.

Fine Arts experiences contribute to the developmental process of understanding one another, and to naturally motivating students in all their learning.


Approved Textbooks

Elementary Songbook

Teaching Recorder Podcasts:

  1. Introduction to Teaching Recorder in the Classroom
  2. First Lesson
  3. Building Musicianship through Playing Recorder

Utah Elementary Fine Arts Core Standards