CTE Introduction

Our Mission

Career and Technical Education Introduction (CTE Intro) allows students through activity-centered lessons to utilize technology, develop beginning skills, and explore careers. The course provides information regarding additional courses and training related to each student’s career field of interest, as they begin to prepare for college and career.

CTE Introduction Program Flyer


As Utah’s exploratory Career and Technical Education Core Curriculum requirement for middle/junior high school, CTE Intro integrated three major objectives:


  • Assessing individual interest and abilities by helping each student understand his or her future role as a worker and a family member and become aware of those life skills necessary to be a contributing member of society. 

Education and Occupation Exploration

  • Exploring the nature of work and the changing world of work.
  • Exploring nontraditional as well as traditional roles.
  • Experiencing broad exposure to technologies and processes found in the workplace. 

College and Career Planning

  • Understanding the importance of education and occupational decision-making.
  • Examining education and training that are necessary and available for various careers.
  • Planning the future for each student through the College and Career Ready Plannin process, which is developed in cooperation with parents, counselors, and educators.

Program Delivery Components

CTE Intro provides students with the direction, decision making, and planning needed to select their personal career paths. CTE Intro is an important part of a student's preparation in becoming college and career ready.

  • The program is a year-long course taught by a team of Career and Technical Education teachers and school counselors.
  • School counselors are involved in teaching important concepts to students and aligning the College and Career Ready Plan.
  • Students are provided with instruction in career development.
  • The student learning activities provide hands-on, real-world application.
  • Concepts come from agriculture, business, economics, family and consumer sciences, health science, information technology, marketing, and technology and engineering education curricula.
  • Students are involved in Work-Based Learning activities such as career fairs, guest speakers, field studies, and job shadows.

CTE Pathways

CTE Pathways identify and group courses within Career and Technical Education Areas of Study that offer students depth of knowledge and skill, linked with specific postsecondary programs culminating in degrees or certificates.

Students use Pathways to investigate a wide range of career choices. Pathways make it easier for students to understand the relevance of required courses and select elective courses more wisely.

CTE Areas of Study

Through Awareness Activities, students are exposed to CTE Career Pathways in:

  • Agricultural Education
  • Business Education
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Education
  • Health Science Education
  • Information Technology Education
  • Marketing Education
  • Skilled and Technical Sciences Education
  • Technology and Engineering Education

Students also have an opportunity to explore individual interests through the following career fields:

  • Technical
  • Scientific
  • Arts & Recreation
  • Social Humanitarian
  • Marketing & Administration
  • Business Operations

Our vision is to offer every student the opportunity to experience technology used in the workplace, develop beginning life skills, and explore careers that will assist him or her in eventually choosing a career, while giving each student the encouragement to achieve his or her goals.