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Program Approval

Program Approval Standards

Program approval standards have been developed to assist in evaluating Career and Technical Education programs throughout the state. Quality CTE programs are those, which meet program standards based on the quality indicators provided. The goal of the evaluation process is to assist in improving programs. Documentation for each standard must be available upon request, where appropriate. This information is to be used as the basis for the following processes:

  1. Program self-evaluation, improvement, goal setting, and long-range planning
  2. Onsite reviews/visits
  3. Annual CTE program evaluation reporting
  4. Six-year CTE program evaluation

As a CTE Introduction team, instructors are to determine ratings for the following quality indicators. Programs with identified deficiencies will be asked to develop a CTE Program Improvement Plan.

CTE Intro Evaluation Document

Achievement Ratings

Using the Achievement Ratings Scale, circle the number that best describes the degree to which your school meets the quality indicators for the program standards.

  • 4 – indicates superior quality
    Exceeds program standards.
  • 3 – indicates good quality
    Meets program standards. Additional technical assistance not necessary. Indicated areas could be improved.
  • 2 – indicates minor improvement needed
    Falls below program standards. Demonstrates limited effectiveness. Additional technical assistance and/or resource utilization is required.
  • 1 – indicates major improvement needed
    Little or no effectiveness. A great deal of technical assistance is an immediate need.

Standards Overview

Program Educator Quality

Standard 1
All instructors and counselors are licensed and appropriately endorsed.

Standard 2
The CTE Introduction program is taught in a trimester or quarter system.

Standard 3
Team meetings are held regularly at least three times a year.

Standard 4
The CTE Introduction program is a full year (approximately 180 days), stand alone
program. (It is not integrated into other subjects.)

Standard 5
All program areas of the curriculum are taught the required number of days.

Standard 6
The full program is taught in the seventh grade per Board Rule.

Standard 7
All seventh graders in the school take the full year CTE Introduction program.

Standard 8
The CTE Introduction grade appears on the student transcript with a grade and

Standard 9
The curriculum that is on the USOE- CTE Introduction website is taught.

Standard 10
What is the average class size? It is appropriate for safety of students in the using the equipment?

Standard 11
Counselor(s) teach all 6 of the CDA designated to be taught by counselors.

Standard 12
Work-Based Learning coordinators meet with the team at least twice during the year and assist in planning or giving resources to the team.

Standard 13
Use of budget is for supplies and equipment in the CTE Introduction program. Review the expenditures.

Standard 14
UtahFutures is an integral part of the CTE Introduction program. Students are set up with user names and passwords.

Standard 15
Implementation Plan and End of Year Summary submitted on time and complete.

Standard 16
Budget use acceptable.