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End of Year Summary


The CTE Introduction End of Year Summary is an electronic/online document. We hope that this will make the process easier for team leaders. This document must be completed by June 1 each year to qualify for funding for the next year. Also, an RFP requesting funding is required June 1 each year. The Implementation Plan is due each October 15.

Please note that the End of Year Summary is due by June 1. Schools are welcome to submit the document between May 15 and June 1. It is difficult to get answers to questions about the document when teachers are already gone for the summer.

End of Year Summary

Note 1: Read carefully and complete all questions. The program is set up so that you will not be allowed to submit the document until all required questions are answered.

Note 2: CTE Introduction is designed to be a trimester course. If you present the course in a configuration other than trimesters, a detailed description of the configuration is required in this document.

Note 3: The Keyboarding Assessment is only done online in October by the Business Education teacher.